A collection of lyric essays touching on literature, history and the vicissitudes of New England weather.

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“Will Dowd's soulful, precise essays on weather and related subjects—literature, New England, human frailty, joy—are a string of expertly cut and polished gems.  Bittersweetly funny and wise, deeply felt without ever lapsing into sentimentality, they're full of surprises and phrases so well turned that you'll want to read them aloud to somebody.” —Carlo Rotella, Playing in Time: Essays, Profiles, and Other True Stories






"A lyrical meditation on literature, history and the weather quite unlike anything I’ve ever read. Will Dowd has a gift for subtle observation and the book is richly evocative and nuanced — his intelligence, wit and warmth make for good company in a cold season.”  —Deborah Landau, The Uses of the Body

“William Dowd’s reflections on the seasons dance to a poetic rhythm, accented with sly, humorous tones.  Whether you’re reading with a hot toddy in winter or with a cold brew under the summer sun, get ready to be enchanted by his sparkling prose.” ―Marcia Bartusiak, author of Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony and The Day We Found the Universe

“I love this book: Once I started it I couldn't put it down. Will Dowd guides us through the seasons, describing with a mastery of language what no weatherman I know even comes close to describing. Here in these pages we can delight in the sea-changing weather of a mind ranging from the autobiographical to a kaleidoscope of literary allusions which—far from dragging us down—lift us with the flair and insight only a poet can offer us.”  —Paul Mariani, The Whole Harmonium and Epitaphs for the Journey